Teacher¡¯s Training
We realise that it is not effective to have a good program but without trained and skilled teachers to facilitate it. Early childhood eudcation is not only for the children - we understand that engagement in ongoing learning is critical to the provision of high quality education and care. Therefore, we have on-going training for all the teachers in a monthly basis.

It is realised that most of the teachers prefer worksheets rather than carry out the learning activities (Eduwis program has more than 1,500 learning activities for young children) in their teaching. Learning activtiies required the teachers to prepare relevant materials and organise the learning activities systematically. It is time consuming and particular skills are needed as well. Therefore, a lot of concerts are given to the teachers' performance in their teaching. Teachers need the knowledge about young children's psychology, physical development and their learning behaviour as well. Moreover, teachers need a lot of skills to carry out the learning activities in order to attract the learners' interest to participant actively in the learning.

Eduwis Sdn. Bhd. is a training provider certified by Human Resource Development Fund. Our trainers from the research and development team will collect information from the centres on the problems they have faced and give in-house training to solve these problems as well as enhance the teachers' skills in guiding children. We cover a wide range of training like teaching skills, child psychology, teacher's attitude, centre's maintenance, annual activities and so on. Furthermore, we usually fund these teachers having potential to enhance their career as a centre principal.

All Eduwis teachers are eligible for the monthly teacher's training.
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