Centre Facilities
We have a standard centre setting in every Eduwis franchise centre. These centre settings provide children with different learning areas in developing their talent and interest.
Indoor Facilities

Condusive Classroom

Every Eduwis classroom is equipped with different educational softboards. Each softboard contains educational poems and rhymes that they learn in class. They are fixed at children's eye level allowing them to read and recite the content with ease. Classrooms are also painted with colours that are warm and soothing such as light blue and light yellow to further improve children's learning process in Eduwis centre.

Music Corner

Children can find variety of percussion instruments provided in our Music Corner. These instruments allow young children to express themselves through music. Playing percussion instruments utilizes the hands, fingers, arms and feet which in turn improves children’s body coordination and motor skills and can even foster ambidextrousness.

Home Corner

Our home corner is the main social place for our Eduwis children. Children can enhance their imagination, social and language skill by playing make believes with their friends with the equipment and utensils provided at Home corner.

Puppet Corner

Puppet is one of the educational resources in Eduwis Centre. Using puppets in a child care setting can stimulate children’s imagination, encourage creative play and even improve children's communication and language skill. It can also be used to break down barriers between the educator and children as it is an effective way to initiate conversation.

Science & Mathematics Corner

Our science & mathematics corner are filled with experiments that children has done in our Eduwis Centre. Children can use variety of instruments provided to conduct science and mathematics activities on their own. Through science experiments and activities, children can develop critical thinking skills and be analytical towards their surrounding.

Art Corner

Art corner is the place for children to display their art and craft’s product which are included in our Eduwis’ teaching curriculum. Introducing art and craft in preschool setting allows children to stimulate their creative mind and imagination. Motion and movements in art and craft activity are essential to the growth of fine motor skills in young children.

Reading Corner

In Eduwis Centre, we provide reading materials that are suitable for young children in our reading corner. Children can choose any books in our 3 main languages to read. This aims to nurture reading habits in young children and also develop and improve their language mastery.

Computer Lab

Eduwis Centre’s computer lab is equipped with computer and furniture adjusted to suit young children. Each computer is equipped with programs that can stimulate and enhance children’s problem solving skill. Computer lessons are conducted under educator’s supervision and prepares children for future computer usage.
Outdoor Facilities

Nature Corner

In Eduwis Centre, we put a great emphasis on providing a green environment for young children to learn and grow with. Children can find a great variety of fruits, flowers, and vegetable plants in their learning environment. Eduwis Centre also rear small animals, pets and insects for children to learn and observe their life cycle.


Playground in Eduwis Centre is designed to foster and enhance children’s physical, social and motor skills. Children can improve their physical and motor skills by using the obstacles and challenges found in the playground. This in turn also improves their cognitive ability to overcome obstacles. Playing with their friends at the playground can also enhance children’s communication and language skills.

Sand Play Corner

Sand holds a tremendous attraction for young children. Children are naturally active learner and sand serves as  an open-ended medium for children to learn and play with. Any children can sit and feel the texture and quality of sand. There is no any specific way to play with the sands, hence children have the chance to manipulate and experiment the sand into anything they can imagine.

Water Play Corner

Children are naturally attracted to water. Children can learn and have fun at the same time with the use of water play. Water play can improve children' physical ability, emotional development and can even be used to educate them some simple science and mathematics concept.

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